Dear Parent

Maybe you are tired of feeling guilty about your child’s behavior. Maybe you feel like you have tried all the advice from the parenting books. Maybe you have been to a therapist and followed all their advice and nothing has changed. Perhaps in desperation, your family doctor has given your little one a magic pill. Every time you give them the pill you feel bad. You don’t like having to give your child medication. You may dread the notes from your child’s teacher or the way other parents look at your child. Maybe you just want your life back. You remember how sweet your child once was.

You are a good parent trying your best against difficult problems. I know how hard parenting can feel in a world that expects you to control everything your child does. What is happening with your child is not your fault. You are doing the best you can to help your child. You can be connected again to your child. I invite you to schedule a session with me at my office in Hilo, Hawaii.

As a narrative therapist who conducts family and individual therapy with children and adults, I’m very interested in how I can be of assistance to you in making problems that appear to be unmovable, move. Whatever problems have brought you to the place of considering therapy for yourself, your relationship, or your child, I stand willing to help you position yourself against these problems.

Sun Flower Feild....

I seek to help people find new meaning in old stories. I do this by asking questions and introducing a new language into the lives of the people that come see me. When you change the way you talk about something, you change the way it is heard and the way it is felt. I am firmly committed to the idea that you are in charge of your session, and I am merely a voice from the back seat asking you,”Have you tried that way before?” or, “Did you see that?”

As you look around this website, please consider signing up to the Letters to an Overwhelmed Parent Course. This e-course is a great way to learn about fun activities for parents and their children in the Asheville/Black Mountain area. Each email is written like a close personal letter from one parent to another. The e-course helps parents bring narrative ways of being into their parenting. Parents who have read these emails have reported loving the activities and the narrative view of life.

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